3D Laser Scanning


LiDAR 3D scanning offers the ability to scan large areas quickly, saving customers costs in the initial stages of design and job quotation. This is particularly important when the end delivery requirement includes drawing, orthophoto or 3D modelling generation which typically take between 2 and 10 times longer to process compared to the time taken in capturing the data on site with Lidar scanning.



At up to one million points of measurement at every point of scan, LiDAR offers unparalleled levels of accuracy. It also allows high detail scanning of areas that are difficult to measure using traditional methods

Integration: point cloud data can be used in a complete end to end design process as the data collected can be easily integrated into many CAD/BIM software packages for a smoother quicker design process.



The tools available in the point cloud software make it possible to make virtual site visits to make additional measurements or log any other site details that may be required post scan survey which can help eliminate any first point of failure. It also gives the CAD operators or designers the ability to overlay actual 3d images helping visualization of projects or take accurate measurements from the point cloud data which negates the necessity to re-visit site for any additional measurements required.


Option for 2D Floor Plan:

Let Scanix convert the collected 3D scanned data into highly accurate 2D Floor Plans – this is perfect for older buildings where these may not exist already.  Also great for refit projects or for any project where an accurate 2D floor plans are required.


Option for BIM:

BIM is rapidly becoming the standard in building and project design.  Using BIM allows problems with construction to be detected, diagnosed and fixed, before construction starts – this can save a huge amount of time and prevent any waste of unnecessary materials.  There are great sharing capabilities with digital models that can not be found and implemented with paper drawings – BIM allows all specialists to access information in the format that they need without the requirement to duplicate data.  BIM models can be accessed on different devices and in different locations at any time.  The 3D models you can use for design purposes also make it easier to share ideas with clients and for everyone working on a project to visualise the final results.

To take your project to the next level, we can produce highly accurate BIM (Building Information Models) for you using the collected point cloud data.

  • 3D Laser Scanning from
  • £ 500
  • Starting from £500 for a 3D laser scanned survey.

    Price is dependant on the size of the area to be scanned – so please contact us for more information.

  • Scan to 2D Floor Plan from
  • £ 625
  • This includes a 3D laser scanned survey and conversion to a 2D floor plan.

    Price is dependant on the size of the area to be scanned – so please contact us for more information.

  • Scan to BIM from
  • £ 675
  • This includes a 3D laser scanned survey, a 2D floor plan and conversion to BIM.

    Price is dependant on the size of the area to be scanned – so please contact us for more information.