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Accelerate your design process by up to 10 times with incredibly accurate 3D site scans. View in a full 3D point cloud, 360-degree HDR images or even in Infrared. No need for costly site visits to recheck details.

3D Laser Scan with a 2D floor plan, we will convert your 3D scan data to a 2D Floor plan, perfect for older properties, restoration work, commercial usage and retail outfitting projects.

3d Laser Scan with floor plan, elevations and 3D CAD model. Surveys utilising laser scanners can capture environments by collecting millions of precise measurements in a matter of minutes.

  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • £ 500
  • Starting from £500 for a 3D laser scanned survey.

    Price will depend on the size of the site – please contact us for a quotation.

  • Scan to 2D Floor Plan
  • £ 625
  • This includes a 3D laser scanned survey and conversion to a 2D floor plan.

    Prices will vary depending on the size of the site – please contact us for a quotation.

  • Scan to BIM
  • £ 675
  • This includes a 3D laser scanned survey, a 2D floor plan and conversion to BIM.

    Prices will vary depending on the size of the site – please contact us for a quotation.


Scanix VR tours are a superb marketing tool with many uses; from selling property, site inductions or promoting your business. Scanix 3D virtual tours are mobile friendly and VR ready. Viewable as a dollhouse model, as a 2D floorplan or as a virtual walk through. A handy measuring tape feature enables you to check measurements without even having to attend the premises. Tag important points of interest within the virtual 3D model, this is extremely useful to highlight areas, items or facilities throughout the tour. 3D tours to allow people to virtually visit a site, whenever, wherever and as often as they like - without the need to visit the premises. The possibilities are endless!

  • Virtual Tour 1
  • £ 99
  • Suitable for smaller tours of up to 70sqm, such as one-bedroom apartments, hotel suites, shops, motor homes, caravans and compact holiday rentals and prestige vehicles.
  • Virtual Tour 2
  • £ 149
  • Ideal for slightly larger spaces 70 to 130sqm, such as larger apartments, three-bedroom houses, large shops, and fast food outlets.
  • Virtual Tour 3
  • £ 199
  • Perfect for large houses, penthouse apartments, offices, restaurants, spa’s, yacht’s, showrooms, large holiday lets, and exclusive boutique hotels. For larger tours please contact us for a bespoke quotation.